How-To Infinity Smart Box Games Arcade

The Infinity Smart Box Arcade now has 6 Emulator consoles to choose from for your gaming pleasure. In addition to the 10-15 games for each console that are installed when you install the Games ExtraPack, inside the same place in the ExtraPack you have the ability to download every single game for each of the consoles. Downloading ALL games for each console with take quite some time, and alot of storage space on your ISB. TheDevGeeks tests have shown that if you download ALL games for ALL consoles, your ISB will still have at least  (insert amount of storage left hear)   GB left of storage. 🙂

HOW-TO install/update the Infinity Smart Box Arcade

Step 1)

Goto APPS section on main menu bar of your ISB.

Step 2)

Hit up to the sub-menu above the main menu and goto ExtraPack app.

Step 3)

Go down to Games and hit OK.

Step 4)

First option is NEW Games Essentials. Regardless if you have installed the original Games Essentials or not, click on NEW Games Essentials to install the UPDATED ISB Arcade by TheDevGeeks.

Step 5)

Once the install finishes between 7-11 minutes(depending on internet speeds), hit the back button on the remote twice only to relaunch the ISB platform.

Step 6)

Goto GAMES section on the main menu and hit OK. This will launch the NEW  ISB Games Arcade v2.1


Once the Infinity Smart box Arcade opens, you are presented with 6 emulator consoles. NOTE: there are only 5 shown on the screenshot above, however if you hit the right directional arrow on the remote you will find Coleco Vision hiding to the right of Nintendo 64 🙂

EXAMPLE — Nintendo 64

Below 2 screenshots shows where to go to setup and configure game controllers

The below 8 screenshots show you how to find, load, and play a N64 game.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!! ISBArcarde update coming soon…

Well all, the results are in and the winners by majority vote are…

  1. Super Nintendo
  2. Nintendo 64
  3. Colecovision

What does this mean for the ISBArcade app?

This means that over the next couple of weeks TheDevGeeks will be working on an updated ISBArcade app for your ISB2.0 AVID mini-PC. Expect delivery of aforementioned update in the late hours of the evening Thursday, April 20th. When you wake up in the morning on April 21rst, you will be able to update the ISBArcade through the ExtraPacks and will have 6 emulator consoles to choose from. In addition to the TOP 10 to 15 games that will install with the consoles, there will be the option to download ALL games for each respective console.

NOTE: Downloading the complete game collections for each console will take up quite a bit of storage on your ISB. Be Carefull 🙂

ISB2.0 HELPFUL VIDEOS shared by #TheDevGeeks

Link options for the fights – 12/3/2016

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”0 or 1″]

NFL Football Options on the Infinity Smart Box – 12/4/2016

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”0 or 1″]

Thedevgeeks & ISB2.0

#thedevgeeks #infinitysmartbox

Posted by Thedevgeeks on Sunday, February 21, 2016

The ISB 2.0 (InfinitySmartBox 2.0) Prototype is working better than expected. I believe the public and end user will be more than pleased. The Devgeeks have done an amazing job. ‪#‎infinitysmartbox‬


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